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God Made Me This Way: Study Questions

Q1 – Who is telling the truth, ex-gays and ex-lesbians or the prophets of immutable fixed sexual orientations?

Q2 – What is science saying about the psychology of homosexuality and the chances of sexual reorientation success?

Q3 – Why are the homosexual community, pro-gay and homosexual-based churches, so opposed to the idea that homosexuals can change?

Q4 – What are some reasons why same-sex attracted people would wish to change their so-called “orientation”?

Q5 – What evidence is there for the theory that homosexuality is the result of a person’s genetic make-up?

Q6 – What do professional therapists say are barriers to effective change in same-sex attractions?

Q7 – For those not graced with a miraculous “instantaneous” deliverance (perhaps most struggling homosexuals), what does the usual reorientation process entail?  How long might the process take?